Uniqueness of the three cities coming together in cutting edge technology
A startup ecosystem for growing companies from the Kansai region in Japan aiming for the international market


Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe Startup Ecosystem

What is
Kansai Startup Mashups?

The role of "Kansai Startup Mashups" is to support the birth of unicorn companies from the Kansai region by creating a startup ecosystem for the Expo 2025 and beyond, through maximizing the synergy of the unique cultures of Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe.

  • Osaka, home to many companies in a wide range of sectors, including deep tech.
  • Kyoto, a city of startups backed by universities and research institutes.
  • Kobe, where it is easy to focus on the healthcare area and conduct social experiments.

The three cities coming together will allow the circle of collaboration and support that universities, companies, and government are engaged in. We aim to promote the presence of Kansai startups to domestic and international investors and create new synergy in startups through the exchange of cutting-edge technology and global wisdom in Kansai, a region rich in long-lived companies.

Make Kansai a place of connection for the hard-working entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and all the people who want to support the process.

About Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe Startup Ecosystem

Supporters startups in Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe

Business Innovation Center Osaka Foreign Entrepreneurship Promotion & Support Desk(support of “Startup Visa”))

For the foreign Entrepreneurship promotion project

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・To provide individualized support of business consulting and legal advice・To provide opportunities

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International Business Promotion Center Osaka:IBPC

To support national & international companies  with their business expansion to Osaka city, such as location and settlement support, R&D base support services, etc. 

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Kobe Startup Visa

allows foreign nationals seeking the residence status of “Management / Manager” to enter and stay for up to one year in preparation for starting a business

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Startup Visa in Kyoto

For foreign nationals wishing to start business in Kyoto Prefecture

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Healthcare Venture Conference KYOTO :HVC

Japan’s largest English pitch event specializing in health care to support global business development of venture companies with innovative technologies

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Keihanna Global Acceleration Program Plus: KGAP+

Programs with the goal of being implemented in collaboration with major Japanese companies, utilizing the demonstration experiment function

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You can download the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe Startup Support Menu.

We made a PDF that contains all Startup Support options ranging from Pre-Seed Stage to Expansion Stage. Please find the download button below.

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